Friday, April 18, 2008

1, 2, 34...

One two, buckle my shoe

Three four shut the door

.... .... .... .... ..........

So it feels like.... Two days ago it was that day women dread every year, the day when you feel like the world labels you err, old (I'm quite afraid of that word, but more afraid of the fact that I don't feel it at all!). I've prayed from maybe a couple of months ago for it to be like any other, and wanting it to be as low key as possible until for the first time in my life I found out my boss and I share the same B-Day. This is the first time I ever met someone who I can share this sort of special day with. That's us about to dig into our Fruit Meringue. So I turned 34 and my boss, lets just say he turned older than last year. No need for him to be wiser, I'm sure he already is!
That night I had dinner with my family, parents and brother, I haven't done this in ages since all of us live in different states and my birthday over the last couple of years fell on weekdays. Until this year that is. The year that took unexpected turn. What a lovely day and night I had.
Thanks to all who've taken the time calling, writing and sending me birthday wishes, this year tops it as the year with the most wishes, woohooo!!! And thanks for the gifts too - the most unexpected one of all being from our HR hehehe...

Friday, April 4, 2008

In Her Shoes

When I saw this in the news tonight my heart just soared. Definitely for a good cause and I'd encourage anyone in that area to sign up (too bad I don't know any, so for you peeps who happen to be there, please do participate). I'm all for women's rights and the whole nine yards, and when it becomes as fun and fashionable like this, hey I get excited! Look at these guys, how cute is that?

Since I'm nowhere near to join in, I pledge my men to walk in heels and take their pics while doing it, I hope my dear husband and kid will walk in my too-tight-for-him and too-big-for-him shoes and support me. If they think I'm nuts then at least they'll know the length I go to look good! I bet it'll teach them a thing or two about keeping good posture.

For more news on Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, click here and here.

In a different development, the gorgeous WendyB did wonderful posts on shoes, her lovely collection and those that she tried on and took pics of. Check out the Miu Miu Tea Cup Pumps, I've fallen in love with the red ones the first time I saw them last month. Vivid imaginations of me as Alice having tea with Madhatter flashed through my mind just looking at these beauties... And the brown leather Alaias, they give me the heart palpitation....

If you still hadn't noticed, this post is on shoes and will be all about shoes, please bear with me, no I'm not done yet. Gracious, kind and lovely friend, Ruby, also managed to turn my world upside down a few days ago. If I hadn't the pressing need to get to work I swear I'd never have been sorted out. Look at her cute purchase. I wish I could get away wearing flats to work, hang on let me re-phrase it - I wish I was 5' 9" to be able to wear flats to work everyday. Being 5' 2" won't get you noticed if you were to walk this wonderful earth in flats all the time. Ruby is a lucky girl, for being tall and for her recent purchase that will walk Paris this summer. You go, girl!

OK peeps, I need to go look for those shoes to fit two pairs of feet into, I have my own worthy cause teeheeheeee....!