Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Award and Romance

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm thrilled to announce that on January 28th, my humble blog was presented with the "You Make My Day Award" by gorgeous peeps from Atlanta GA, AsianCajuns. Thanks, Catherine and Lauren! Woohoo! The first one ever!

This is how it works. I have to pass on this award to 10 people whose blogs bring me happiness and inspiration and make me feel happy about blogland. Comments shall be left on their blogs so they can pass it on. This is what the sweetums had to say about me:

Heart and Soul: For living it up in Malaysia with style.

OK, when I started this blog in August last year, I started off fulfilling my own promise that I'd start to write and/or let my thoughts be known. Prior to that, and oh so typical of me, it was just an idea I'd stored at the back of my head which wagged and nagged for a year. I didn't categorize my blog and decided that I'd write about anything that strikes my fancy. I do love fashion and lifestyle, so maybe a good chunk of this blog consist of them. HOWEVER, I'm not an expert on those two subjects, and I purposely don't pose for photos in full glory (of fashion sense) as I want to leave that to others who do it so much better. Let's just say I'll let my closet and its contents to my own torturous view. So let's get a move on...

Tomorrow's the last day of Janvier. I generally hate this month because things seem to take a backseat, but anyhow, I'll welcome Fevrier with open arms. It's my parents' wedding anniversary, so this month holds dear to my heart. February 10th 1972 was the day my dearest mom accepted my dad to be his life companion. Ahhh... that young bride... I'd have loved to post a pic or two of her looking so chic in three different gowns, each complete with three different length gloves. I remember cheekily making fun of that but my dad was very defensive of her bride. Ouch! Anyways, my parents live in a different state, so I've no access to their wedding pictures.

And the icing on top of the cake, for the lovebirds, women and men alike, Valentine's Day. My husband and I don't celebrate it as we believe that love should be celebrated everyday but I do love watching other couples this day. The only thing I hate about this day is how commercialized it has become, dinner becomes ridiculously pricey and man, the price for a stalk of rose skyrockets to 20 bucks? Sheesh! Thank goodness I'm a lily girl, which doesn't help either as flowers generally become too expensive for the week of Valentine's. So thankfully, I don't celebrate.

It's fantastic, huh? Yeah, for people IN love, that is! For those, er, luckier ones with more liberty, what are you doing on Valentine's Day? Turn your cheeks away on PDA (yes that PDA, not your cellphone for goodness sakes), roll your eyes at yet another couple doe-eyed and cooing into each others ears? No, you don't, you let them be or you curse under your breath! Here's an idea, group your girlfriends for a round of clothes swapping!

Now that's what I call satisfaction!

But I just have to share this with y'all. Truely, utterly, absolutely romantique.


Cherish love forever, guys.

As for the award, I've decided to do it in stages, tonight it'll be:


La Bellette Rouge

A tout a l'heur, mon amis!

Monday, January 28, 2008

No No No! Yes Yes YES!!

Oh Johny, I love you with all my heart, you taught me how to sing (Grease) and you also taught me how to groove (Saturday Night Fever), but what did your stylist talk you into?

I'm no expert in hair fashion and all, but this one, me no likey. Widow's peak and poufed up bangs ain't the way to go. Having them in bird wing shape ain't the way of confessing your love for aviation either, hun. Kelly must've really liked this one on you... Sigh...

Please don't get me wrong, I love this guy, really, I've said that already, haven't I? I discovered Grease when I was maybe 5, found a cassette of the movie's soundtrack which led me to Olivia Newton-John and 70's fashion. The love continued till I was 8 when my parents finally allowed me to watch Saturday Night Fever. It was 1982, and man, was I groovin'. Dug your white suit, dear, even when the world in the 80's criticized 70's fashion and by that your white ensemble was the point of reference. Now go do yourself a favor and have your hair close cropped again.

No, no, no.

But peeps, this next one is dedicated to WendyB and her love for butt bows. Wendy, may I just say that you wear it much better!

And screw Google for what they have done to your blog. I MISS YOU. You hear that LIVE people at Google? Bring Sexywendy back! JT would agree hands down.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Saturday in Melaka

We decided to head down to Melaka on Saturday so the three of us with a couple of friends got into a minivan and had a blast. No itinerary, just a fun, laidback evening. First stop, Kampung Morten for nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf. My girlfriend said it was good but I didn't know it was that good. Mmm mmmm delish. Then we hit another area for seafood. The best! Both in taste and price. We had prawns, stingray and deep fried calamari. I drank coconut juice - from the fruit. No pics peeps, you guys should know me by now, where there's food everything else is secondary! Oh before I forget, just before reaching the seafood place, we found this signboard where I just had to have a picture of. Roy got out while we laughed our behinds off...

Translation: Cows not permitted. Private property.

Duhh. Cows everywhere, this is the importance of going to school. Now look where the head of the herd had brought you to. At least the cows in Melaka are bright enough to tell (read???) where their presence is not appreciated.

Whoever came up with this idea, we wonder which school you went to?

Right after dinner we headed straight for the town to Jonker Street. Major night market every Friday and Saturday night and the street is transformed to Jonker Walk. During the day it's where you get antiques, gemstones and just about everything and it's also where you find the Peranakan Museum. This is where the life is in this historical town. I scored this hand beaded flip-flops for RM18.

And nothing related, this is how I look like with the shorter hairstyle.

Picture by Sean

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Get out of my dreams, and into my blog

I decided I've had enough beauty slumber of two days and two nights and woke up this morning after dreaming a sweet but painful dream. In my dream I had a walk-in closet with rows and rows of designer clothes, jewelry and stackful of shoes and handbags. Colors of all sorts. Names of all brands. Sizes and shapes of all kinds. And to my bewilderment AsianCajuns, Vintage Bunny, Jen, Wendiva, Elisabeth and Miss Ann appeared out of nowhere and took my handbags away!!! I awoke with the sinking feeling of loss. A loss of something I never owned.

My six beautiful deserving peeps, you're tagged. Now aren't you sorry you appeared in my dream?!?

AsianCajuns: Because you have so many wonderful clothes and bags.
Vintage Bunny: Because I'm always amazed at how one manages to find bags of 99 cents, and gorgeous ones too!
Jen: For having FINE taste in almost everything. Need I say more?
Wendiva: I'm jealous of your past life and the life you're leading now. Wonder what's in the bag you carry with you to the hospital?
Elisabeth: So when you get back into the office from your vacay you'd have something better to do.
Miss Ann: Errmm... because you travel on a private jet? I wish I was in your bag!

Monday, January 14, 2008


So I've been tagged recently by WendyB. She says I need to post more often anyway, so. The theme is "Name six things in my handbag". Now I'll confess that while I'm not the typical girl who carries tissue paper in her purse, I do change my handbags quite often, and have been in trouble a few times for doing so a couple of time. I'm digressing.... OK, so let's base this tagged thing on mon sac du jour. It's my small New Miky JP Tod's (mine's a different color though). Skoopid laptop has no card reader, so no pics guys, desolee. Not many things in it, hence the name small.

1. My vintage Liz Claiborne long wallet. Basically my whole life is in it. Cash, cards, id, driver's license, atm receipts a.k.a. junks, small pics of Roy and Sean, and a passpost photo of myself taken while I was expecting Sean that I'd be furious if I ever lose it. This was the time when "glowing radiance" was so applicable. Hey, there's nothing wrong with holding on to something good. Aaahhh and yes, tucked in one of the compartments, Roy's proclamation of his love for me from 12 years ago written on a piece of white A4 paper which were passed to me while we were in the university library (supposedly studying....??).

2. A leather Swarovski card holder. If you're card's in it you're my VIP. The Coffee Bean Card's in it too, in case I lose my wallet, I'll still get to calm my nerves with coffee till the card runs out of credit.

3. Visine Redness Reliever eye drops. I'm all about the color red, but this is one color that I'm not so proud to show off if it appears anywhere on my face, so I depend on the eye drops. I read somewhere that it gets rid the angry zit of its color. Since I'm 16 and still popping all over, this is THE thing to stay in the bag all the time.

4. Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss in Shimmering Pink. A girl can never go wrong with it.

5. My beloved Motorazr. Yes, a Blackberry or iTouch is the thing to have now, but I stick with the Razr because of its size. Plus if anyone ever gets on my nerves I get to slash him good. Not just today in my small bag, but anytime anywhere.

6. Small change. In case my Razr decides to fly.

There you have it. Since this tagging business is an epidemic like what WendyB says and finding a victim is easy peasy breezy, I'm left with a challenge. Now who shall that other six be? Can I sleep on it first guys...?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Speeding ticket....

Guys, I deserve a ticket for zooming past my own site. I've been extremely busy, now that school has started again. It's crazy!

Just an update, I trimmed my hair last Saturday, shorter than the first time I had it short, and I'm loving it even if Roy says it kinda looks the same! Afraid the pic'll have to wait, I'm posting on my husband's laptop and it doesn't have a card reader. Can you believe it???

Note: I've been tagged by the fabulous WendyB which I'm working on. Watch out for it.