Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mommy, how old are you again?

Our recent MotoGP at the MScape VIP Village requires the patrons to be at least 18, since it's backed by the tobacco giant brand Marlboro. A legal age meeting point of some sort. Since we were there for two days we had to leave our 7 year old behind at my brother's, he very much knows he's under the age limit.

Today after lunch and seeing all the cool stuff in the goodie bags, we had this conversation:

7 y.o.: Mommy, you said I couldn't go because I'm seven.
Me: Uhum..
7 y.o.: Only 18?
Me: Right. 18 and older.
7 y.o.: 16?
Me: No sweetie, only 18 and above.
7 y.o.: Daddy could go because he's 50, right?
Me: (Grinning) Heh, right.
7 y.o.: Then how come you went? You're only 16...?
Me: Ooopsss.....

Honest to God I didn't teach him my age, or even my husband's! He made it all up by himself. what I find so flattering is now biting me in my own a@#...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Polini Malaysian MotoGP 2007 part 2

Day 2 of bike racing. My ears still hurt from the noise at the starting line, thanks for leaving the darn ear plugs behind and not taking new ones just before leaving the suite. Had real fun with both the Ducati Team riders (Loris Capirossi and Casey Stoner) spending some time at the suite while being interviewed by Randy Mamola and later giving away two signed helmets to more lucky devils. If you still remember, I mentioned in my last post about the double session. Randy's the rider of the two seater bike, World Champion Motorcycle Racer Hall of Famer and a living legend in motor racing world.

(L-R) Loris Capirossi, Randy Mamola and Casey Stoner.

The race officially started off with the 125cc category, then 250cc and finally the 500cc where both Capirossi and Stoner were in. While Capirossi doesn't need any mentioning, Stoner is one full of surprises and created the most buzz lately. Just 22 and already a World Champion.

My number 42 didn't bring me any luck today, again... In ANY of the countless lucky draws - not even once. Not an interesting subject to elaborate, so moving on...

However though, I did taste luck for about two hours until it was blown away. I approached Randy for an autograph, and he gave one on my cap. I was among the only four in the room to get his signature on our caps (my husband Roy, Nadd and a random guy being the other three). Soon after, we went to the rooftop to see the race start, and a gigantic bird was hovering above us to catch her namesake's eye view of the moment.

(L-R) Giant bird; Excited people waving; Last few moments of luck.

Scorching hot day, bird gives off nice cooling wind, human real pleased, thanked bird by waving like crazy, UNTIL my cap was blown away and knicked by I-don't-know-who!!! Nadd said she saw who took it but her voice wasn't heard over the loud noise of the hovering bird. It all happened so fast. Hers stayed on, my husband's cap I managed to catch but mine was isk isk... That killed my mood and left me absolutely deflated. I hope for the person who selfishly knicked it to lose it in his drunken stupor. Yep he left his half-full wine glass in change for my Randy cap.

Oh well, at least we still have Roy's cap, thank God.

Nevertheless, I'm still glad Casey Stoner won the race. A wonderful birthday gift for a fine guy who celebrated his birthday last Tuesday.

Pic taken from Casey's website.

I'm off now to enjoy all the official merchandise that came with the race day pass. Hurray, at least...

Polini Malaysian MotoGP 2007

I had a great time today. What started out as a winning competition for Nadd (that only Nadd won) ended with gifts for her, me and my husband! Hahaha, I must say connection does take you a long, long way. Anyways, today is the qualifying race with Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri securing the top three spots for the race tomorrow. Prior to the race, we hung out at the VIP Village enjoying the abundance of drinks and good music. Heaps of MP3 Players were given out during the lucky draw session, unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones. My number 92 wasn't a favourite with the lotto number spinning machine :-P. Ah well, better luck tomorrow (yes, we got passes for two days).

Then it was time for the Pit Lane Walk where I almost totally lost my mind watching 9 lucky people doing the double on the track. Holy Molly!

Lucky devil at the start of the "double" session. Yup, they start off with a wheelie.

I've been harboring hopes and dreams for this, but apparently the 9 guys were pre selected by the organizer based on unknown criteria to us. I swear my heart dropped into my stomach the second I caught sight of them passing right before me.

Crazy jellus woman by the side of the track. Shooed by race officials coming from her right. Grrrr..!

Having worked here a few times before I know that the side platform is a no-go zone, but I was too jealous to care. I just leapt up to see what else was being shoved to my face by the evil organizer. Talk about going 300km/h on a bike. Of course you'll just be the pillion rider but who cares? That's the closest that any Tom, Dick and Harry will ever get to racing on a bike.

Crazy jellus woman and track officials made up. Before they shooed her off again, hmmphh!

Anyone who knows me would definitely know how crazy I can be. So I'm gonna take this crazy self to rest for a while before starting again in the morning on a whole new session. A demain mes amis!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Eid Mubarak

The month of Ramadhan ended last week on October 13th and Syawal began the next day. Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to my beloved family and friends. After a month of detoxifying, I figure we can intoxicate again, well a little shouldn't do any harm...

Raya goodies for the sweet tooth

This is the reason I've been quiet since the last post. Eid came and we were out of town celebrating. I went back to my hometown after three long years and needless to say, had to succumb to the pressure of visiting family members. Well serves me right for not doing that for ages. But that's the beauty of hari raya (eid), you see each other and wish everyone well, ask for forgiveness and make peace, not that I launched any war, but that's just how it is. A week of Eid and travelling across 3 states later, we arrived home sweet home. Oh how I missed my own bed, the air conditioning and most of all, the tranquility that I get to enjoy from my patio just listening to the windchimes. I don't mean to come across as a shallow worldly person, but come on, Malaysia sits right above the Equator - the heat doesn't make you a hot person!

Tradition says to visit your peeps during the month of Syawal, so come on over. Come one, come all. Let's have a feast.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh sister, where art thou..?

This has indeed been a long break from blogging. First it was the dreaded bloggers block. Then I got busy with Iftar invitations - a cycle of delicious food on my itinerary does keep me away. At the same time, I got lazy hahaha!

Apart from watching the latest Heroes on TV, I'm also playing catch up with Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. We stay up pretty late to do all these, and of course just makes you sleepy during the day and lazier. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Have also been helping my mom bake her famous pineapple jam tart for the coming holiday season. Thousands and thousands of them. She gets orders, so she's a rich woman now (Hi Mom, I love you!!).

Am thinking whether I should post pictures of the yummy food I've been gobbling, but... nevermind, am LAZY...

Oh, and just last week it was my son's 7th birthday and more food fiesta at Marche. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Ok, folks. My soft and comfy couch is beckoning... Instead of food pics, have yourselves some fish pics where we had our dinners recently.

"Whatcha lookin' at?"

The goldfish of KL Hilton

Louis the Great doing his ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz roll

* All pics shot by Nadio