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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Polini Malaysian MotoGP 2007

I had a great time today. What started out as a winning competition for Nadd (that only Nadd won) ended with gifts for her, me and my husband! Hahaha, I must say connection does take you a long, long way. Anyways, today is the qualifying race with Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri securing the top three spots for the race tomorrow. Prior to the race, we hung out at the VIP Village enjoying the abundance of drinks and good music. Heaps of MP3 Players were given out during the lucky draw session, unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones. My number 92 wasn't a favourite with the lotto number spinning machine :-P. Ah well, better luck tomorrow (yes, we got passes for two days).

Then it was time for the Pit Lane Walk where I almost totally lost my mind watching 9 lucky people doing the double on the track. Holy Molly!

Lucky devil at the start of the "double" session. Yup, they start off with a wheelie.

I've been harboring hopes and dreams for this, but apparently the 9 guys were pre selected by the organizer based on unknown criteria to us. I swear my heart dropped into my stomach the second I caught sight of them passing right before me.

Crazy jellus woman by the side of the track. Shooed by race officials coming from her right. Grrrr..!

Having worked here a few times before I know that the side platform is a no-go zone, but I was too jealous to care. I just leapt up to see what else was being shoved to my face by the evil organizer. Talk about going 300km/h on a bike. Of course you'll just be the pillion rider but who cares? That's the closest that any Tom, Dick and Harry will ever get to racing on a bike.

Crazy jellus woman and track officials made up. Before they shooed her off again, hmmphh!

Anyone who knows me would definitely know how crazy I can be. So I'm gonna take this crazy self to rest for a while before starting again in the morning on a whole new session. A demain mes amis!


FlickChick said...

Gosh, you do look like some crazee lady near the tracks LOL!

FlickChick said...

Gosh, you do look like some crazee lady near the tracks LOL!

Lynn said...

@ FC, crazee lady feeling pretty deflated today. Watch out for my next pose...