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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Polini Malaysian MotoGP 2007 part 2

Day 2 of bike racing. My ears still hurt from the noise at the starting line, thanks for leaving the darn ear plugs behind and not taking new ones just before leaving the suite. Had real fun with both the Ducati Team riders (Loris Capirossi and Casey Stoner) spending some time at the suite while being interviewed by Randy Mamola and later giving away two signed helmets to more lucky devils. If you still remember, I mentioned in my last post about the double session. Randy's the rider of the two seater bike, World Champion Motorcycle Racer Hall of Famer and a living legend in motor racing world.

(L-R) Loris Capirossi, Randy Mamola and Casey Stoner.

The race officially started off with the 125cc category, then 250cc and finally the 500cc where both Capirossi and Stoner were in. While Capirossi doesn't need any mentioning, Stoner is one full of surprises and created the most buzz lately. Just 22 and already a World Champion.

My number 42 didn't bring me any luck today, again... In ANY of the countless lucky draws - not even once. Not an interesting subject to elaborate, so moving on...

However though, I did taste luck for about two hours until it was blown away. I approached Randy for an autograph, and he gave one on my cap. I was among the only four in the room to get his signature on our caps (my husband Roy, Nadd and a random guy being the other three). Soon after, we went to the rooftop to see the race start, and a gigantic bird was hovering above us to catch her namesake's eye view of the moment.

(L-R) Giant bird; Excited people waving; Last few moments of luck.

Scorching hot day, bird gives off nice cooling wind, human real pleased, thanked bird by waving like crazy, UNTIL my cap was blown away and knicked by I-don't-know-who!!! Nadd said she saw who took it but her voice wasn't heard over the loud noise of the hovering bird. It all happened so fast. Hers stayed on, my husband's cap I managed to catch but mine was isk isk... That killed my mood and left me absolutely deflated. I hope for the person who selfishly knicked it to lose it in his drunken stupor. Yep he left his half-full wine glass in change for my Randy cap.

Oh well, at least we still have Roy's cap, thank God.

Nevertheless, I'm still glad Casey Stoner won the race. A wonderful birthday gift for a fine guy who celebrated his birthday last Tuesday.

Pic taken from Casey's website.

I'm off now to enjoy all the official merchandise that came with the race day pass. Hurray, at least...


WendyB said...

Lots of excitement! Glad you are back on the blog..

Vintage Bunny said...

Was that dirt bike racing?My husband used to race till a few years ago,his kids used to ride dirt bikes too.In fact I cant drive but I can ride a small dirt bike!

Lynn said...

@VB, that wasn't dirt bike racing unfortunately. There are a few categories in bike racing, the 125cc, 250cc, 500cc (collectively called MotoGP) Superbike, Cup Prix (little motorbikes you see a lot in Asia region) and of course Motocross with the fun dirt bike. Usually, when there's an event like this the motorcycle clubs and their international affiliation will hold racing that coincides with the more popular MotoGP. I saw the MotoX dirt bike tracks while in Sepang recently and they looked pretty damn hard, so hats off to you, buddy! I don't think I can ever make it because I'm associating it with MOtoGP with its strict level of protection for the riders... I'm scared of falling!!