Monday, January 14, 2008


So I've been tagged recently by WendyB. She says I need to post more often anyway, so. The theme is "Name six things in my handbag". Now I'll confess that while I'm not the typical girl who carries tissue paper in her purse, I do change my handbags quite often, and have been in trouble a few times for doing so a couple of time. I'm digressing.... OK, so let's base this tagged thing on mon sac du jour. It's my small New Miky JP Tod's (mine's a different color though). Skoopid laptop has no card reader, so no pics guys, desolee. Not many things in it, hence the name small.

1. My vintage Liz Claiborne long wallet. Basically my whole life is in it. Cash, cards, id, driver's license, atm receipts a.k.a. junks, small pics of Roy and Sean, and a passpost photo of myself taken while I was expecting Sean that I'd be furious if I ever lose it. This was the time when "glowing radiance" was so applicable. Hey, there's nothing wrong with holding on to something good. Aaahhh and yes, tucked in one of the compartments, Roy's proclamation of his love for me from 12 years ago written on a piece of white A4 paper which were passed to me while we were in the university library (supposedly studying....??).

2. A leather Swarovski card holder. If you're card's in it you're my VIP. The Coffee Bean Card's in it too, in case I lose my wallet, I'll still get to calm my nerves with coffee till the card runs out of credit.

3. Visine Redness Reliever eye drops. I'm all about the color red, but this is one color that I'm not so proud to show off if it appears anywhere on my face, so I depend on the eye drops. I read somewhere that it gets rid the angry zit of its color. Since I'm 16 and still popping all over, this is THE thing to stay in the bag all the time.

4. Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss in Shimmering Pink. A girl can never go wrong with it.

5. My beloved Motorazr. Yes, a Blackberry or iTouch is the thing to have now, but I stick with the Razr because of its size. Plus if anyone ever gets on my nerves I get to slash him good. Not just today in my small bag, but anytime anywhere.

6. Small change. In case my Razr decides to fly.

There you have it. Since this tagging business is an epidemic like what WendyB says and finding a victim is easy peasy breezy, I'm left with a challenge. Now who shall that other six be? Can I sleep on it first guys...?


Kah said...

I love this commercial!!!
From motorola,right???

"Hello little boys,little toys.."

Very cool!!!



Lynn said...

Ooooh but of course Kah darling..!

La Belette Rouge said...

I love that you have Roy's declaration of love for you in your wallet. You are so cute!!
I am also a Coffee Bean and tea Leaf fan. We don't have them in Chicago. I miss the Mocha iced Blended. Yummy!!

Lynn said...

Hah, it's cute when he doesn't make me mad, Ruby! When he left for Paris last summer without me (albeit it being a business trip) I didn't think it was cute at all!! I was thinking love sure ain't enough ;-)

NYC should have Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, i'd think?

AsianCajuns said...

I love that shade of lip gloss and I have to admit that now I have my pda, I miss the perfect size of my razor.