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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Get out of my dreams, and into my blog

I decided I've had enough beauty slumber of two days and two nights and woke up this morning after dreaming a sweet but painful dream. In my dream I had a walk-in closet with rows and rows of designer clothes, jewelry and stackful of shoes and handbags. Colors of all sorts. Names of all brands. Sizes and shapes of all kinds. And to my bewilderment AsianCajuns, Vintage Bunny, Jen, Wendiva, Elisabeth and Miss Ann appeared out of nowhere and took my handbags away!!! I awoke with the sinking feeling of loss. A loss of something I never owned.

My six beautiful deserving peeps, you're tagged. Now aren't you sorry you appeared in my dream?!?

AsianCajuns: Because you have so many wonderful clothes and bags.
Vintage Bunny: Because I'm always amazed at how one manages to find bags of 99 cents, and gorgeous ones too!
Jen: For having FINE taste in almost everything. Need I say more?
Wendiva: I'm jealous of your past life and the life you're leading now. Wonder what's in the bag you carry with you to the hospital?
Elisabeth: So when you get back into the office from your vacay you'd have something better to do.
Miss Ann: Errmm... because you travel on a private jet? I wish I was in your bag!


AsianCajuns said...

Lynn, I would never take your handbags away! Unless, it's a classic two-pocket, blue Marc Jacobs, then watch out!

Thanks for the tag - you're too sweet! "Six items in your hand bag" coming soon...

miss *ann said...

oh oh.
i'll post soon about it.
i'll let you know.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh yay i'm going to have to post about it soon!
Funny that I was in your dream!

solopoesie said...




Aisha said...

haha, nice way to post (:
I'll check out the sites you tagged to check their purses =)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I just wanted to let you know that I did the bag post!

Lynn said...

Cool Jen! I'll check it out in a bit.

Elisabeth said...

Haha, brilliant!

I will have to do my best (hopefully my work PC will let me upload pictures!)


Lynn said...

Elisabeth, you have to show us what it is you carry around. And do it like I did for lack of ability of photo posting - find it on the net hah!