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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Soccer Maniac.. lately...

So my day went on as usual yesterday until Bear texted me around 6 pm calling for an unexpected meeting (when we already agreed to clear the Independence Week of any meetings)... Shortly after that the Mr. called to suggest going out for the night to which of course i agreed too, it'd be dumb for me to deny my own principles wouldn't it? :-). Nad also called with another agenda more interesting than the first two - the soccer! After a round of explanation with Bear, saying we were gonna watch Pesta Bola Merdeka finals (Independence Football Fest) which Malaysia'd made to the finals (how rare of an occurence is that...), my head was off the noose. 'Glad Bear had a trickle of nationalism in him to excuse me from the meeting we shouldn't have in the first place (he was mean anyway wishing we'd lose so I'd have a bad time and feeling missing the meeting going to a no-win match). BUT, Malaysia won 3-1 to Myanmar! Haha that made a good close to my day!

It was a good game, with a few yellow cards and a red card thrown here and there, I should categorize it as a rough game. A near incident of crazy spectators doing the water bottle rain into the field until an official stood up and practically begged for them to be a good sport. But DAMN fine it was. And a fine gift to the nation for its 50th independence it is.


*pics courtesy of nadiO

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