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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TV Hero?

This coming Friday is Malaysia's 50th Independence Day. Almost everybody whose a somebody in the corporate world's doing something to support this national agenda. Not only the corporate world, schools and the education industry also have a hand in educating the youngsters patriotism and the whole nine yards.... With these, enter my Junior and TV3. He's been excited since before the school midterm holidays telling us the tv station's coming to his school to shoot for the National Day prep. So yesterday right after the Mr. got out to send Junior to school I sat in front of the tv. True enough... it was live screening heheheeeee....

Children and teachers sang to the Jalur Gemilang song, gosh I must say something got to me. To see Junior waving the tiny flag, all cheery with his mates, some overwhelming feeling that was... I've never been patriotic myself, but that doesn't mean I don't love my country nonetheless. I'm proud to see Junior on tv demonstrating his feelings for the country for about 5 whole minutes and then some more on a different segment (err... maybe he's just following along without having a clue what the hoo ha was, but anyways...) and I'm glad he went to a public school. Kudos teachers of SK Tropicana!! The Mr. of course captured the moment on his phone which later in the evening he showed to me.

Junior came home in the afternoon all excited asking me if I caught him on tv to which I replied of course I did and there goes his cheeky smile... Right after lunch Pops and Moms called him and they all visited the morning agenda again to Junior's delight. He absolutely loved the attention he was getting. My tv hero :-)

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