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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Da bling bling

I stumbled upon a wonderful site a few days ago that i absolutely fell madly hooked with. Has kept me up late trying to go through the archives. What's wonderful is the fact that the author, Wendy, is a jewelry designer and her designs absolutely ROCK!! Check 'em out here. You know I love "different" jewelery and by different I mean not the typical 916 yellow gold with big huge whatever old ladies like to have on *shudder*. My aunts always question me why I like 18k gold more than the 916 ones, and what gets to them is my fascination for platinum and white gold. How can I not? I'm steering cleer of their path *shudder shudder*. Of course of late you see lots of nice looking yellow gold pieces making waves again, but what sets them apart are the mere designs. Look below for old versus new.



Now, isn't that a world of difference? Anyone who sees me suddenly wearing the oldie, I grant you the approval of shooting me. The newbie also comes in white and rose gold, and are absolutely refreshing and modern. When I saw the newbie I absolutely fell in love, in fact the whole collection was delicious! I have one particular favorite (I"ll call it my dreampod) on the It Girls collection and if I get that, that will be IT. Those are on my wishlist. Someday, when I have 'em moolahs lotsa moolahs....

On another note, gems are nice too. I particularly cherish this one:

Please excuse the picture quality. The garnets dont really pop out in here. I've been asked before whether it's a snake... Y'all must think I have some kind of fascination with snakes. No people, it's the letter Z, after my mom's and dad's names...

Ok, there it is, I'm going to dream some more about my dreampod. :)


Victor said...

isnt that wendys necklace?

WendyB said...

That's so nice of you! I'm glad you like my locket. And I hope you get the necessary moolah soon. :-)

Lynn said...

Yep Victor, definitely Wendy's. Isn't it gorgeous?

Are you kidding me, wendy? Your creations are out of this world! I say this mantra everyday since I set my eyes on them, "Moolah my way, moolah my way....".


WendyB said...

What a coincidence! That is my mantra too :-)

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