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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ramadhan, Logic vs. Realistic et al

Hope it's not too late to wish "Ramadhan Al-Mubarak". To friends who texted me, thanks from the bottom of my heart. Sorry I've been really occupied lately, this whole month's gonna be a juggling act altogether! May this month bring us all the good...

In the meantime, this is something I found in my heaps of pic files which I finally got down to organizing. It's a picture I took while we we were travelling in Indonesia recently. Something for y'all to ponder.

It's in the Indonesian Language, which when translated screams, "If love is blind, why need bikini?". SO true, though you might wanna say otherwise. On the other hand don't ask me what the caption on the top left means coz I've no idea... If love is blind Liz Taylor wouldn't be decked in her diamond collection given by all the men in her life. Haha. If love is blind there wouldn't be unhappy marriages and failed relationships. But if you wanna console yourself, listen to Tesla's Love Song. There I did it, the Mr.'s gonna be so proud I listed Tesla in one of my posts hahaha!

Now, what should I have for iftar (break fast), hmmm??

*steak fajitas - photo by


Flick Chick said...

Wei gambar baru huh. I tried puasa for the 1st time last Wed. Wasn't as bad as I thought. The hours 9 am - 12 pm were the hardest to fight!

Lynn said...
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Lynn said...

Schpischh.. accidentally deleted my reply to you, FC. Here it is again..

You're right about the earlier hours being the hardest. Especially if your one who never misses breakfast and lunch. Otherwise, it's pretty standard, the here and there thirst (try to stay out of the sun). I like the cleansing effect fasting does (man, you can really feel it in a month!). Spiritually it does wonders too. Good luck, if you decide to do more days!

Flick chick said...

Yeah, tell me about it. It was really hard waking up at 5 a.m to eat and unable to sleep after that! Will definitely try again before raya :-)